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  1. The best chocolate staycations

    The best chocolate staycations

    You’d be mistaken if you thought you needed to go all the way to Belgium to have a chocolate-filled holiday this year. In fact, you can pretty much stay on your doorstep and see some of the UK’s chocolate hotspots.

    Cadbury World

    Cadbury World, nestled in the picturesque village of Bourneville in Birmingham, is a place steeped in history. The world’s oldest chocolate bar came from the makers of Cadbury, in fact. Here, you can take photos with your favourite Cadbury mascots and go on the Chocolatier Experience to see behind the scenes.

    York’s Chocolate Story

    Sitting right in the centre of this historic city is three floors of chocolate heaven. Taste some chocolate, learn all about how to make and taste it. York is a city built on the chocolate industry, so it’s definitely worth a visit.

    Cocoa Bean Company, Lake District

    If you find yourself up on one of the country’s most picturesque places, you’ll have to schedule i

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  2. Chocolate facts you didn’t know

    Chocolate facts you didn’t know

    It’s all well and good eating chocolate – but what do you really know about your favourite food? Here are some surprising titbits to impress people with at your next dinner party. Or, you know, quick sandwich in the office canteen.


    Did you know that you can tell the quality of a piece of chocolate just by listening to the sound it makes? Not when it’s just unwrapped and sitting there, of course – but when you break it. Chocolate with a higher cocoa butter content will have a snappier snap, whereas cheaper chocolate, which has more vegetable oil, will be a bit quieter.

    How many trees (and insects) we eat 

    Europeans are well known for their love of chocolate; we have all the best chocolate capitals, including Belgium, Switzerland, and France. But in Britain alone, we’re especially big fans. The average Brit gets through 187 chocolate bars every year.

    It takes 400 cocoa beans to make just one pound of chocolate, and e

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  3. How to say ‘Thank you’ to your teacher with chocolate

    How to say ‘Thank you’ to your teacher with chocolate

    It’s that time of year again when school winds down and the summer holidays begin. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to say thank you to a teacher at the end of the school year, look no further than our chocolate gifts.

    Here are some of our most popular, most scrumptious gifts for teachers this year.

    Thank You Chocolate Box

    Treat your favourite teacher to our selection of nine white Belgian chocolate chocolates. And just to get extra points, the chocolates spell out ‘Thank you’, complete with a cute mini chocolate daisy. Each chocolate has been lovingly handmade by the Choc on Choc experts.

    Chocolate Mocha Beans And Cup

    We all know that coffee is a teachers’ best friend, so why not treat them to our dark chocolate-covered coffee beans?

    Presented in a reus

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  4. How to avoid your chocolate melting this summer

    How to avoid your chocolate melting this summer

    Aside from the constant threat of wasp stings, sandy sandwiches, and sweat patches, one of the biggest challenges of summer is keeping your chocolate from melting.

    Sure, melted chocolate is basically the closest thing most of us can get to liquid gold. But sometimes it’s nice to keep our chocolate intact. So how do we do it when everything around us is melting? Here are a few well-tried methods, so you can enjoy your chocolate intact and as it was intended.

    Ignore everything you’ve ever been told and do eat straight from the fridge

    There’s a certain stigma attached to standing in front of an open fridge and picking food from it. We blame romcoms. But sometimes, you need to do the unthinkable in order to enjoy your chocolate. We’re talking fridge door wide open, unashamed, eating straight from the fridge as you stare into its abyss.

    Cooler bags are your best friend

    Whether you’re packing for a picnic or a normal day in the office, s

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  5. The best chocolate destinations

    The best chocolate destinations

    It’s holiday season – but who just wants to go and sit by the pool when you can visit some of the best chocolate destinations?

    Chocolate is enjoyed and produced all over the world – here are some of the best places to visit if you want to take your love of chocolate on holiday with you this year.


    Otherwise known as the country where milk chocolate was invented, Switzerland is heaving with amazing chocolate. You can visit a number of factories amongst the beautiful countryside, where you can watch the production, and learn about chocolate’s history in the country.


    Brussels, in particular, is the place to visit. The capital city is often called the “Chocolate Capital of the World” and is filled to the brim with chocolate shops (more chocolatiers per square foot than in any other city in the world, apparently). Brussels is also home to two of the biggest chocolate companies on the planet, Godiva, and Leonidas – and it’s

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  6. The best chocolate combinations

    The best chocolate combinations

    The best chocolate combinations

    Chocolate is our number one love, of course, but we can’t deny that it works really well with other foods, flavours, and textures, too.

    Like the delectable strawberry and champagne in our Strawberry and Champagne Chocolate Truffles, and chocolate and coffee – which you can enjoy in our Chocolate Mocha Beans and Cup.

    And others are cottoning on to the powerful combination powers of chocolate. In the news this month, New Zealand craft beer brand, Garage Project, is making a limited edition chocolate beer in Australia. And it got us thinking about our favourite things to eat with our chocolate for twice the indulgence. Her

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  7. Phil and Holly give our chocolate biscuits the thumbs up

    Phil and Holly give our chocolate biscuits the thumbs up

    We are thrilled to have been featured on ITV's This Morning with Phil & Holly on a segment about the Perfect Teachers Gift.

    The nations favourite duo agreed that giving flowers is a thing of the past and had an interesting range of alternative gifts (although we're not too sure about the pork scratchings here at Choc on Choc HQ!).

    So whether you’re looking for a more luxurious upgrade to your favourite teacher’s end-of-term present, or you just really want to say 'thank you very much' to your favourite teacher, we have that perfect chocolate gift. 

    Afterall who doesn't love biscuits and of course chocolate!

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  8. How to taste chocolate like the professionals

    How to taste chocolate like the professionals

    Whether you’re a melt-on-the-tongue or chew-straight-away kind of chocolate-eater, we all enjoy our chocolate differently. But have you ever tried to taste it like the professionals?

    Just like wine and cheese, good quality chocolate is a complex food that deserves all of our attention. There are so many things that alter the flavour, from the cocoa bean to the final moments before it gets packaged up, ready to catch your eye on the shelf.

    Here are a few tips to try it yourself at home with some good quality, high cocoa content chocolate.

    Before you even come to eat the chocolate, make sure it’s been stored in a cool, dry place (but not the fridge).

    Then, resist all temptation and just look at your chocolate. The perfect piece should be glossy and smooth, free of bubbles, cracks or pale streaks (this happens when cocoa butter isn’t mixed in properly).

    Before you take a first bite, make sure you haven’t had any strong flavours recently, like garlic

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  9. Tips on how to melt chocolate

    Tips on how to melt chocolate

    Whether you’re baking, or you simply fancy having some melted chocolate just because, there are two main methods to doing this. But melting chocolate is a fine art – so here are some tips.

    The first method is melting chocolate over the hob, using boiling water. For this, you’ll need a saucepan filled with a few inches of simmering water, with a bowl floating on top (not touching the pan). Break the chocolate into very small pieces to ensure it melts evenly.

    The trick here is to make sure no water gets into the mixture, and to keep the heat low. Make sure you keep stirring the mixture, as chocolate is deceiving, and is usually more melted than it first appears.

    The second method is to melt your chocolate in the microwave. For this, you’ll need to ensure you have a sturdy microwavable container, such as a bowl, that keeps relatively cool upon heating. 

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  10. We love chocolate more than savoury food

    We love chocolate more than savoury food

    If you’ve ever wondered which would win in a fight, between a slab of chocolate or a ham sandwich, wonder no longer. Science has the answers.

    In a study published last week in the Cell Metabolism journal, scientists found that chocolate would be the clear winner.

    Researchers asked volunteers were asked to put monetary bids on a variety of different foods, and found that they placed higher bids on things like cake, chocolate and sugary treats over savoury snacks like cheese and crackers.

    This, they concluded, shows that we value foods higher in fat and carbohydrates, and this effect is caused by our central reward system in our brain. In other words, getting chocolate as a gift for your loved ones will make you look even more generous! 

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