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  1. We love chocolate more than savoury food

    We love chocolate more than savoury food

    If you’ve ever wondered which would win in a fight, between a slab of chocolate or a ham sandwich, wonder no longer. Science has the answers.

    In a study published last week in the Cell Metabolism journal, scientists found that chocolate would be the clear winner.

    Researchers asked volunteers were asked to put monetary bids on a variety of different foods, and found that they placed higher bids on things like cake, chocolate and sugary treats over savoury snacks like cheese and crackers.

    This, they concluded, shows that we value foods higher in fat and carbohydrates, and this effect is caused by our central reward system in our brain. In other words, getting chocolate as a gift for your loved ones will make you look even more generous! 

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  2. The best of Choc on Choc’s truffles

    The best of Choc on Choc’s truffles

    We love a good chocolate truffle here at Choc on Choc, and we know we’re not alone. Crisp chocolate shells encasing a gooey, melt-on-the-tongue chocolate centre – what’s not to love?

    Here are some of our favourite Choc on Choc truffles, not that we’re trying to tempt you…

    Chocolate Truffle Selection Box

    Our delicious selection box is perfect for those who just can’t bring themselves to pick one type of truffle.

    Our box of nine truffles contains three of our most delicious truffles: salted caramel, triple chocolate brownie and strawberry champagne. Not only will your tastebuds be treat to three deliciously different fillings, but we’ve also made sure to give you a selection of white, milk and dark chocolate, too.

    Salted caramel chocolate truffles


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  3. One great reason to the gift of chocolate

    One great reason to the gift of chocolate

    One of life’s fundamental truths is that people with chocolate are the most popular. And now there’s scientific evidence to prove it.

    Giving a student a chocolate cookie has a been found to have a huge impact on how students feel about their teachers, according to new research.

    The study, to be published in the journal Medical Education, found that tutors who gave their university students chocolate cookies scored significantly better in evaluation surveys than those who were given nothing.

    These cookie-giving tutors were also rated as having better teaching materials, and their overall scores for the quality of their course were better.

    The researchers said that their findings might just give teachers new ideas if they want to improve their evaluation scores using “food-related interventions”. I.e. giving them chocolate.

    So the motto of all t

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  4. The best Choc on Choc summer gifts

    The best Choc on Choc summer gifts

    Summer is finally here, and if you’re looking for some chocolatey goodness to gift to your loved ones, you’re in luck. We have a delicious selection of summery chocolates in store for you. Here are just some of the highlights.


    Chocolate Tennis Balls

    We have the perfect gift for the sport-lover in your life: our delicious chocolate tennis balls. Made with solid white and milk Belgian chocolate, and filled with a sumptuous marshmallow centre, these balls come twos (like all the best things). And they come complete in a ring-pull can, just for extra authenticity.


    Cocktail Chocolate Lollies

    These four fine specimens are the perfect summery gift for any chocolate and cocktail-lover. Our beautiful choc-tail lollies

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  5. This is how much chocolate we really eat

    This is how much chocolate we really eat

    We are a nation obsessed. A new survey has revealed how much chocolate we Brits get through, and the results have made us beam with pride.

    The average Brit gets through an impressive 1.5 tonnes of chocolate in their lives, which is worth more than £12,000, according to a new study by savings site VoucherCodes.


    According to their survey of 2,000 UK adults, we tuck into 7,004 bars over our lifetime, including 1,642 dark, 1,425 white and 3,934 milk chocolate, as well as 104 Easter Eggs, 668 slices of chocolate cake,  8,719 chocolate biscuits and cookies, and 3,000 mugs of hot chocolate.

    It’s no wonder, then, that four in 10 Brits admit to being a chocoholic. But we’re also a generous bunch; nine in 10 said they’re willing to share a box of chocolates. That said, we’re also a sneaky bunc

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  6. Stressed? Tuck into some dark chocolate

    Stressed? Tuck into some dark chocolate

    Next time you’re feeling a bit stressed, but a hot bath or gym session seems a little bit too much effort, reach into the chocolate stash, instead. It’s good for you, honest.

    A new study has found that eating chocolate can actually lower our stress levels, according to Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Centre in Southern California.

    The found that eating dark chocolate, particularly with a high percentage of cacao, can reduce stress levels and inflammation, as well as improving mood, memory and immunity. Chocolate contains flavonoids, which are antioxidants that can benefit our brain and heart health, the researchers said.

    And the higher the level of cacao, the happier we become, the researchers say. So indulge. Who

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  7. A guide to chocolate eating for those with intolerances

    A guide to chocolate eating for those with intolerances

    Allergies and food intolerances are no fun. But when it comes to chocolate – there’s usually a way.

    For most allergies, it’s more obvious. For example, if you have a nut allergy, you’re probably already pretty clued-up on what chocolate you can have. But intolerances are different from allergies in that you won’t have an allergic reaction, exactly, but your body will let you know in some form or another that it doesn’t like what you’ve just given it. Perhaps you get headaches, an upset stomach or rashes on your skin.

    So here’s a bit of advice how to navigate some of the most common intolerances – so you can relax and enjoy chocolate, without having to worry.


    Chocolate contains caffeine, albeit in low amounts. If you’re very se

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  8. A guide to sharing, for the chocoholic who doesn't like to share

    A guide to sharing, for the chocoholic who doesn't like to share

    It can be really difficult sometimes to walk the line between being a nice person, and eating all your chocolate to yourself. This is because we’re expected to share; it’s impossible to indulge in chocolate within a 10-metre radius of anyone without either offering them some, or running away.

    As soon as the sound of the wrapper opening turns heads, you have to decide what type of person you want to be: a sharer, or someone who stops getting invited to events. (But gets to keep all their chocolate to themselves.)

    But there are some ways to try and get around having to share your favourite chocolate, when you really just want to keep it for yourself. Here are your options:

    Pretend it’s terrible

    If you’re a very good actor, there’s a small chance you can take a bite of your chocolate and convince everyone it&rsquo

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  9. Spread the word of mental health with Choc on Choc

    Spread the word of mental health with Choc on Choc

    Here at Choc on Choc, we love a good cause just as much as we love chocolate. And now we’ve joined up with card retailer Funky Pigeon to combine the two.

    Funky Pigeon have launched their Believe in Happy campaign in support of mental health awareness week, to encourage people to open up about their mental health and tackle stigma. And to support such a brilliant campaign, we’ve designed some delicious chocolates to help spread the word.

    The campaign is being spearheaded by the Funky Pigeon’s graphic designer Amy, who received a supportive card from her Grandma while she had post-natal depression and realised we send way more “Get Well” cards for physical illnesses than mental illnesses.

    Inspired by this, Funky Pigeon are launching a product range full of

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  10. What your favourite type of chocolate says about you

    What your favourite type of chocolate says about you

    When it comes to chocolate and offspring, let’s face it, we do have favourites, if we’re being really honest with ourselves. Okay, well maybe just with chocolate.

    But have you ever thought about what your favourite chocolate says about you as a person?

    Dark chocolate

    If you’re a fan of rich, dark chocolate, it’s likely you’re quite healthy, and pay attention to what you put in your body. That said, you’re not the sort of person to deprive yourself of anything, either. You’re level-headed, and perhaps you’re the one people come to for advice. Or chocolate, for that matter.

    Colourful chocolate

    If you’re more likely to pick M&Ms or Smarties, there’s a high chance you eat chocolate on the go sometimes, or share it with others along your adventures. You&r

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