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  1. Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Sons, Brothers, and Nephews

    Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Sons, Brothers, and Nephews

    Whether they’re five, fifteen, or fifty, chocolate is always a welcome choice for our sons and brothers. Check out our pick of the top five handmade gifts from Choc on Choc that will please the boys of every age.

    For the gym buff: Give him something to work off with our chocolate kettle bells. These handmade goodies are made entirely from Belgian milk chocolate, and make the perfect post-workout nibble.

    For the burger junkie: If you know someone who’d rather chow down on a burger than a salad, treat them to our

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  2. Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Dads, Uncles, and Grandads

    Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Dads, Uncles, and Grandads

    Generally speaking, the men in our lives are the trickiest to buy for. But with our festive gift guides, there’s no need to resort to socks or a cufflink set yet again! We’ve picked the top five gifts for dads, grandads, and uncles everywhere.

    For the shed-dweller: If you know a man who’s most often found tinkering with tools in the bottom of the garden, then you have to give him our chocolate gardening set. This handmade duo contains a fork and a trowel made from delicious Belgian milk chocolate, dusted with edible silver glitter to complete the look.

    For the breakfast buff: Some people just can’t function without their

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  3. Gifts for People Who Hate Christmas

    Gifts for People Who Hate Christmas

    For every person who decks the house in glitter and fairy lights as soon as Halloween is over, there’s another person who will cross the street to avoid a Christmas window display, or turn off the radio when THAT Mariah Carey song comes on. But what do you get the person who hates Christmas? We’ve got five suggestions for you!

    Chocolate Pie and A Pint: If they’re not a fan of turkey and sprouts, offer them an alternative in the form of our Belgian chocolate pie and pint selection.

    Emergency Chocolate Gin and

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  4. Top 10 Chocolate Christmas Gifts

    Top 10 Chocolate Christmas Gifts

    What do you buy the person who has everything? A Choc on Choc creation, of course! We’ve picked out our 10 absolute favourite Christmas chocolates to please everyone.

    The Chocolate Cheeseboard. This bestseller is a perfect example of Choc on Choc at its finest – gorgeous chunks of cheese, a bunch of grapes, and a carved board to rest it all on – all handmade from a selection of dark, white, and milk chocolate. Perfect for: The Foodie

    The Chocolate Biscuits: Much more than just your average bourbons,

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  5. Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Daughters, Sisters, and Nieces

    Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Daughters, Sisters, and Nieces

    December is in full swing and Christmas lights are appearing in every street, but if you’re anything like us, there are still a few pesky gifts left to grab. But don’t worry! If you’re still after the perfect prezzie for a daughter, a sister, or a niece, then our guide is just what you need.

    For the fashion-forward fille: Treat her to a wardrobe that never goes out of style with our chocolate capsule collection. Containing all her favourite outfits in chocolate form, this selection box is just the thing to appeal to her sartorial streak.

    For the sis who loves a tipple or five: We’ve got tons of booze-flavoured chocolates to choose from,

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