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  1. Best Chocolates for Secret Santa

    Best Chocolates for Secret Santa

    Whether it’s between friends, colleagues, or family, Secret Santa is a great way to ensure everyone gets to join in with the Christmas fun! But if you’ve drawn a name and have no clue what to buy, we’ve put together this list of the best Choc on Choc presents for under £10.

    Eat Your Greens: If you know your gift recipient is a vegetarian (or, even better, if they have a pathological hatred for anything green), our white chocolate vegetables will definitely make them smile!

    Chocolate Reindeers and

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  2. Have You Heard About The New Kind of Chocolate?

    Have You Heard About The New Kind of Chocolate?

    When someone asks you to name different kinds of chocolate, you could go on forever – orange chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate, hot chocolate, white chocolate, gin chocolate… But whatever the flavour, most solid chocolate has one of three bases: white, milk, or dark. But did you know that a fourth kind of chocolate has been created?

    Renowned chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut, recently announced that they had created ‘ruby’ chocolate alongside the three main kinds. Ruby chocolate is made from a specific cocoa bean (called, surprisingly, ‘ruby’), and has a reddish tinge to it.

    Unlike the

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