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  1. It's National Hot Chocolate Day!

    It's National Hot Chocolate Day!

    January 31st marks a very important day in the Choc on Choc calendar: National Hot Chocolate Day! But how will you be celebrating this momentous occasion? Well, we've got some suggestions for you...

    1. While you’re out and about:Sure, many of us take a flask of coffee to work, or with us on our morning commute, but why not swap out that caffeine for some tasty hot chocolate instead? This devilishly tasty hot chocolate recipe from Deliciously Ellashows you how to make super-healthy hot chocolate using almond milk, almond butter, date syrup and raw cacao. Who needs Starbucks?

    3. Like a pirate

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  2. Make It Personal This Valentine’s Day with Our Extra-Special Chocolates

    Make It Personal This Valentine’s Day with Our Extra-Special Chocolates

    It seems like no time at all since we were gearing up for Christmas, and yet here we are with only three weeks to go until Valentine’s Day! Luckily, with Choc on Choc’s adorable custom creations, you can beat the rush with ease…

    We also love a love letter here in Somerset, and, luckily, with our collection of ten personalised chocolate love notes, you can treat your partner to a whole host of them! Using edible white icing paper, we’ve whipped up ten

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  3. Looking For Something A Little Different This Valentine’s Day?

    Looking For Something A Little Different This Valentine’s Day?

    Coming up with an original idea for a Valentine’s Day gift isn’t easy. Flowers, jewellery, a swanky meal, or a box of bog-standard chocolates have all been done to death – so isn’t it about time you tried something new?

    Our Choc on Choc elves (in the form of Flo, Kerr, and all the chocolate makers) have been working themselves into a frenzy to create a whole host of kooky and quirky chocolates to show that someone special just what they mean to you this February 14th.

    If they’re a real firecracker…Add some sparks to your

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  4. We Bet You Didn't Know About These Uses For Chocolate

    We Bet You Didn't Know About These Uses For Chocolate

    Chances are, you’re already familiar with the use of chocolate as an aphrodisiac, as a cooking ingredient, and as a delicious snack. But did you know about these seven alternative uses?

    As money.One of the original uses of the cocoa beans was as a form of currency by the Mayans, before also being used by the Aztecs as a form of tax.

    To protect your teeth.Surprising, we know, but it’s recently been discovered that an extract of cocoa can help to prevent cavities, and is actually more effective than fluoride.

    To care for your skin.Coconut oil may be the wonder product of the moment, but cocoa butter makes a fantastic moisturizer.

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  5. New Year, New Chocolates

    New Year, New Chocolates

    A new year requires a change, be it a new diet, a new haircut – or some brand new Choc on Choc goodies! Flo, Kerr, and the team have been beavering away making all-new chocolates for you to enjoy. Read all about it…

    Alternatively, say it with a banana or some pears this Valentine’s Day, and show that special someone how much they mean to you. Whether you want to remind them what a great ‘pear’ you make, or to let them know how ‘

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  6. Warm Up With Our Winter Chocolate Treats

    Warm Up With Our Winter Chocolate Treats

    We’re now slap-bang in the middle of winter, and here in Somerset, the snow’s just started falling. Hooray! But if you’re looking for a simple (and tasty) way to warm up, we may have just the thing…

    Alternatively, if you’re looking for something to keep the kids busy during the long, wet January weekends, why not treat them to one of our Melt and Make kits? Simply melt down the scrummy milk chocolate buttons, and pour them into the plastic moulds to make your very own chocolate cottage,

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  7. 4 Of The Most Decadent (And Healthy) Chocolate Desserts

    4 Of The Most Decadent (And Healthy) Chocolate Desserts

    It's that time of year when many of us are watching our waistlines, and with many of our favourite foods being kicked out of the fridge in favour of celery and all things green, chocolate sometimes misses out. But wait! Here are four of our favourite healthy dessert recipes to help you through the diet.

    There comes a time when we all need a scoop of ice cream to help us through, but rather than wolfing down an entire tub of Ben and Jerry's that'll eat up your daily calorie allowance, why not make your own paleo-friendly frozen treat? This indulgent

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  8. Choc on Choc's December Press Round-Up

    Choc on Choc's December Press Round-Up

    Phew! What a December that was! Not only did we pack thousands of orders and send chocolates whizzing off all over the globe, but our chocolates were also sprouting up in tons of different publications, too…

    Trade website, The Food & Drink Innovation Network , debuted a piece on our extensive Christmas range, while Daily Focal made our

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  9. There’s A New Chocolate Gin and We’re Freaking Out

    There’s A New Chocolate Gin and We’re Freaking Out

    Chances are, if you know anything about Choc on Choc, you know that we like our gin. So, imagine our delight when we found out there’s a new cocoa-based spirit hitting the shelves on the market…

    Speaking to The Martini Whisperer , Xolato director, Stieven Victor, says, ’ We wanted to make something different from everything that was out there and were already into chocolate with our Belgian chocolate brand Xolato. So we decided to try if a cocao infused gin could work. Our first thought was that it would taste horrible. We ended up

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