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  1. Five Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies You Say?

    Five Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies You Say?


      Chewy, chocolate chip cookies made with only 5 ingredients and vegan, paleo, gluten, dairy & sugar free…we know sounds too good to be true but Aoife Howard’s recipereally is as easy as it sounds!  Perfect for busy mums, kids and even the most inexperienced cooks the recipe includes the super ingredient cacao which has a pretty impressive nutritional profile.  The

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  2. Can it be true – chocolate makes you smarter?

    Can it be true – chocolate makes you smarter?



    Don’t worry we haven’t slipped into chocolate induced hysteria here at Choc on Choc, a new study has found that ‘chocolate makes us smarter’.  No Really.  In an article featured in the Telegraph it claims that a new study has found “eating chocolate was strongly linked to superior brain function” and was also shown to increase memory.  They go on to mention that this isn’t the only benefit associated with eating chocolate, it has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke, stave off dementia and even help you lose weight according to the

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  3. The End of an Era!

    The End of an Era!


    Many of us know well the familiar wrappers and shapes of a box of Cadbury’s Roses, whether they be carefully placed on a coffee table or liberally strewn across the floor after a Christmas gathering.  The satisfying twist of both ends of the wrapper have become somewhat of a trademark since Cadbury’s introduced their first box of Roses in 1938.  However, they have said this week that these will be replaced with the more modern tear away wrapper much to the upset of chocolate traditionalists everywhere. 

    Cadbury’s claim this is to help the chocolates retain their flavour as well as to avoid cross contamination, apparently their most common complaint in 2014.  Two of their most recognisable chocolates will also be reshaped to allow the chocolate

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  4. We’ve Been Nominated For a Muddy Stilettos Award!

    We’ve Been Nominated For a Muddy Stilettos Award!


    We’re thrilled to be able to tell you that we have been nominated for a Muddy Stilettos Somerset awardin their ‘Best Local Producer (food/drink)’ category!  Muddy Stilettos, a county by county guide to the most unique and inventive local businesses, describe themselves as ‘The Urban Guide to the Countryside’ and run these awards each year to celebrate the many amazing local businesses that bring a touch of cosmopolitan to the shires.  We’re even more proud to be able to say we have been nominated by the public in this year awards

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  5. The Daily Mail has been tempted by our Chocolate Avocado

    The Daily Mail has been tempted by our Chocolate Avocado



    ‘Tempted by a Choccie-Cado?’was the question asked by the Daily Mailin their feature on our

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  6. Unlimited Chocolate. That is All.

    Unlimited Chocolate.  That is All.



    Something truly magical has appeared online – a video of chocolate seemingly appearing out of thin air!  The clip shows that each time a bar of chocolate is cut in certain places and put back together there is unexplainably a square left over.  Whilst we are sure you can understand the joy this brought to a chocolate factory full of chocoholics an article in The Metroexplains how this sorcery works.  When cutting the chocolate, a slice is actually removed equal to the volume of a square, so when one is left over the amount of chocolate it contains has just been displaced. 

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  7. “What if the vegetables were the dessert?”

    “What if the vegetables were the dessert?”



    What if… 

    Merryn Magazine’s article ‘ When we were younger, we were always told that we had to eat our vegetables or there'd be no dessert. But what if the vegetables were the dessert? Meet Choc on Choc, chocolate makers extraordinaire’ references our Chocolate 5-A-Day Vegetables(perfect for desert or a chocolate dinner) and charts how Flo and Kerr founded Choc on Choc.  From their first ever product, Noughts and Crosses (available

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  8. "Gifts Fit for a Queen"

    "Gifts Fit for a Queen"



    Gifts Fit for a Queen

    Our special commemorative chocolates released for The Queen’s 90th birthday received some wonderful press in the lead up to Her Majesty’s special day.  We were included in the Bath Chronicle's feature “Gift’s fit for a Queen”, gifts from shops in and around Bath were selected as a round-up of gorgeous products available to mark the occasion.  Of course, we like to think that all of our chocolates are fit for a Queen but our

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  9. The Royal Celebrations Continue!

    The Royal Celebrations Continue!

    Having just had The Queen’s 90 thbirthday it’s quite the month for royal celebrations as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrate their wedding anniversary today!  It’s hard to believe it was a whole five years ago that excitement and street parties swept across the country after months of anticipation.  Who can forget that Alexander McQueen dress?  Of course it was only fitting that we created our own little homage to the day – out of chocolate and a hashtag of course!  Who can escape a hashtag these days?!

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