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  1. The chocolate bars that never made it

    The chocolate bars that never made it
    Choc on Choc is constantly reinventing the chocolate wheel and bringing new creations to the table. But at the same time, we’re proud to say that our customers keep on coming back for our delectable designs again and again. But in the wider, ruthless world of chocolate, not everything lasts forever. Remembering and repeating this mantra is essential to getting through the national tragedy of beloved chocolate bars being discontinued. The chocolate bar graveyard is full of weird and wonderful chocolatey inventions that are no longer &ndas...
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  2. Make sure you're Pancake Day-ready with these recipes

    Make sure you're Pancake Day-ready with these recipes
    When it comes to breakfast, you really are spoiled for choice. You could have our delicious solid white Belgian chocolate avocado, filled with a gloriously indulgent caramel truffle. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could have a dip with our chocolate-filled eggs with chocolate toast soldiers. And now, Pancake Day is upon is, meaning there’s no better time to indulge in some chocolate. Pancakes, too, of course – but who can have pancakes without some chocolate? Here are a few recipes to get you through the day. ...
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  3. 5 ways to do chocolate on toast, in aid of World Nutella Day

    5 ways to do chocolate on toast, in aid of World Nutella Day
    We all love any excuse to celebrate, and the 5th of February, otherwise known as World Nutella Day, is no exception. In honour of such a special day, we’re here to give you some chocolate-on-toast inspiration, so you can join in the festivities. Here are five ways you can bring your toast to life through the magic of chocolate. 1. Chocolate and banana French toast For a chocolatey twist on French Toast, this BBC recipe is easy to make, and easier to eat. Slice one ripe banana into a bowl and mash, before adding in 75g of chopped milk ch...
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  4. How to create the perfect chocoholic Valentine's Date

    How to create the perfect chocoholic Valentine's Date
    Valentine’s Day is upon us, which can only mean one thing: chocolate. Chocolates to say, “I like you,” chocolates to say “I love you,” and chocolates to say everything in-between. We’ve got the sweetest selection of Belgian Valentine chocolates in store for your lucky loved one – so here’s how to make sure you make the most of Chocolate Day Valentine’s Day this year. Start your Valentine’s date with our chocolate oysters and champagne truffles, handmade from the finest dark and white ...
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  5. A chocolate a day keeps the therapist away…

    A chocolate a day keeps the therapist away…
    It’s may not be scientifically proven but we figure that there’s pretty much nothing that chocolate can’t fix.  Whether it be a bad hair day or a bad break up, a little, or large, sugar hit is often all it takes to divert disaster and rescue your mood.  With that in mind, we bring you our latest creation; The Chocolate Therapy Pack, a dispensary of 30 milk and white chocolate pills to get you through whatever the month has to throw at you. Use it as an emergency pick me up, or breakfast if you’re having o...
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  6. 5 Vegan Chocolate Recipes

    5 Vegan Chocolate Recipes
    At choc on choc, we are crazy about all things chocolate, but as we all know when January comes around a bit of a detox after a sugar filled Christmas is always a good idea. Here at HQ we are trying a vegan detox but if, like us, you can’t give up chocaholic cravings, we’ve put together the best of both worlds! So if you are fancying a chocolate-fuelled feast minus the guilt. We have just the recipes for you…. 1. No Bake Vanilla Cheesecake .. super easy and so delicious  2. Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream ... perfect pair...
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  7. Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Sons, Brothers, and Nephews

    Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Sons, Brothers, and Nephews
    Whether they’re five, fifteen, or fifty, chocolate is always a welcome choice for our sons and brothers. Check out our pick of the top five handmade gifts from Choc on Choc that will please the boys of every age. For the gym buff: Give him something to work off with our chocolate kettle bells. These handmade goodies are made entirely from Belgian milk chocolate, and make the perfect post-workout nibble. For the burger junkie: If you know someone who’d rather chow down on a burger than a salad, treat them to our miniature choco...
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  8. Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Dads, Uncles, and Grandads

    Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Dads, Uncles, and Grandads
    Generally speaking, the men in our lives are the trickiest to buy for. But with our festive gift guides, there’s no need to resort to socks or a cufflink set yet again! We’ve picked the top five gifts for dads, grandads, and uncles everywhere. For the shed-dweller: If you know a man who’s most often found tinkering with tools in the bottom of the garden, then you have to give him our chocolate gardening set. This handmade duo contains a fork and a trowel made from delicious Belgian milk chocolate, dusted with edible silver...
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  9. Gifts for People Who Hate Christmas

    Gifts for People Who Hate Christmas
    For every person who decks the house in glitter and fairy lights as soon as Halloween is over, there’s another person who will cross the street to avoid a Christmas window display, or turn off the radio when THAT Mariah Carey song comes on. But what do you get the person who hates Christmas? We’ve got five suggestions for you! Chocolate Pie and A Pint: If they’re not a fan of turkey and sprouts, offer them an alternative in the form of our Belgian chocolate pie and pint selection. Emergency Chocolate Gin and Tonic Stash: ...
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  10. Top 10 Chocolate Christmas Gifts

    Top 10 Chocolate Christmas Gifts
    What do you buy the person who has everything? A Choc on Choc creation, of course! We’ve picked out our 10 absolute favourite Christmas chocolates to please everyone. The Chocolate Cheeseboard. This bestseller is a perfect example of Choc on Choc at its finest – gorgeous chunks of cheese, a bunch of grapes, and a carved board to rest it all on – all handmade from a selection of dark, white, and milk chocolate. Perfect for: The Foodie The Chocolate Biscuits: Much more than just your average bourbons, these tea time snacks ...
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